Stream of Consciousness

Encouraged by Megan Tan’s podcast, Millennial, shocked by Jabbawockeez’s elimination on WOD, amazed by my farthest and fastest run ever since I fractured my ankle, or just being in my feelings – I finally embrace being personal, share my face on camera, and begin a new video series called Stream of Consciousness.

I posted the first installment, which’s topic is “You don’t always have to be at your best” today, so check it out when you have the chance! It’s ten minutes of rambling, unorganized thoughts, and straight up authentic Stacy. It’s new territory I’m entering, since I’m usually behind the camera or inserting clips of awe-striking scenes. Be prepared for lots of um’s, so’s, ands, simply’s, whys, and so much more.

In the video, I mention why I started this series: create video content, improve my speech, and clean out my brain. However, I didn’t mention that I am overcoming my avoidance of mirrors/screens/reflections. When I began losing control of my body and aspiration to recover, I stopped looking in mirrors and taking pictures. That last selfie I took was in 2016, disregarding the ridiculous selfies I take for the Snap (check out my foolery btw @tounearthme!). If I took any photos of myself, I’d saturate it in filters and edits or clever captions. I’m still not comfortable in my own body, but I’m learning to love it by feeding it, taking it for runs, and hugging it.

This series is quite meaningful to me, so I hope you all enjoy it! Being vulnerable is definitely not one of my strengths, but to grow as a sister, daughter, friend, and mentor, I must embrace this admirable skill.

Song Recommendation of the Post (SRP): 20 Something – SZA

Stream of Consciousness

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