To Unearth
Discovered in January 2017 and established in July 2017, this is a platform to create and tell stories. A safe space to share experiences, express words that have been kept secret, and act on dreams that have been untouched for too long. This is a space for individuals to unearth; to dig and discover something new, which can be epiphanous, inspiring, or pieces of ourselves.

A Kansas Citian and INFJ gal telling stories, eating pastries, and advocating self-love. If you remember The Ting Tings’ song, That’s Not My Name, there’s this iconic line “They call me Stacey…that’s not my name”. Well, that is my name, just without the e. Or in Fergalicious, Fergie sings people claim they know her and come to her calling her Stacy. I also work on my fitness, am no Fergie, but am most definitely Stacy.